Big Data: 5 Important Questions You will need to Answer to Succeed

För Viagra 130 mg på nätet The world is starting to get smarter. We’ve got smart phones, smart vacuum cleaners, even smart yoga mats. This relationship of  data and technology is radically changing our world and making it smarter. And business must become smarter too. Big data is one big way businesses are meeting this challenge, but many times companies dive… Continue reading

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5 Conversion Stoppers on Aviation Websites that will actually make you leave their site

programma per investire opzioni binarie Aviation companies put a lot of efforts in making people book tickets online, obvious yeah. But sometimes the way they do it looks more like they don’t want you to buy that ticket or, at least, challenge your online skills. Less is more, yes, that applies also to airlines and bookings. Overwhelming with too much… Continue reading

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Why users are leaving your mobile App, and how to change it. Infographic

صر٠الخيارات الثنائية Mobile apps are ‘on fire’. Every company wants to have one, in case they don’t have it yet. But not all the companies are making the most of their app, indeed many of them suffer from a lack of openings, poor engagement or high rates of abandon. Mobile analytics is still a science not very… Continue reading

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Marketing analytics: what your internet traffic says about your business

bästa binära optioner mäklare In digital advertising, we’ve an unusual ability to collect user data that’s superior to other forms of advertising data; particularly in relation to what’s featured in TV or print. However, merely collecting the data can possibly be overwhelming unless a marketing anthropologist can cut the clutter and provide meaning to exactly what the data says… Continue reading

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Five points to understand cross-channel marketing in the Travel Industry

billig sildenafil Customer experience and continued engagement have always been a pre-requisite inside the global airline industry. While in the past, airlines have accomplished customer delight through loyalty programs, the digitally connected world today presents manifold opportunities to maximize customer so-called “life time value”.Utilizing a maze of online – offline touch points and personalized experiences that customers… Continue reading

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