Aviation Analytics: Understanding (and leveraging) Flight Search Data

The world of Airlines Analytics is truly complex. Carriers usually operate many routes. In fact, some of the big players may have thousands of point to point combinations and connecting flights. Imagine an airline with 100 destinations and combinations between them. That gives us 10,000 possible different combinations for Origin and Destination. Probably the most… Continue reading

The Evolution of Cross Channel Marketing | Infographic

In our days of Cross Channel Marketing (device-channel-plattform), is no longer enough for marketers to action individual campaigns. There must be an agreed and orchestrated strategy, where we will hit the lead/customer from all sides, promoting always the same message, and at the same time not overwhelming the prospect. After surveying more than 1,000 ecommerce professionals, Oracle… Continue reading

Sending a feedback email? Do NOT do THIS

Recently I bought a fridge at Carrefour Online in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After a few days, and as expected, I received a feedback email. What happens after that, was a manual on how not to do things and completely nerve one of your customers. Let me tell you what happened: BUYING ONLINE The experience… Continue reading

Big Data show you the best time to Target Travellers | Infographic

All marketers want to know the answer to the question: What is the best time to target travellers with Marketing Campaigns? View image | gettyimages.com The following Infographic, using BIG DATA unlocks the answer, and put you in the path to know when and how you have to roll out your Marketing Campaigns to bring more luxury… Continue reading

Unlocking the Big Data opportunity, understanding the Customer Journey|Infographic

One of the uses of Big Data is acquire a huge amount of information to understand the journey that your Leads take to become Customers. Big Data is not a myth, and is not a new science, is just the use of your valuable information to create yield and optimize your business. Datameer has put together… Continue reading